The Presidents Network Workplace Health Initiative exists to help business leaders create, enhance and sustain exceptional worksite health programs.

Local Presidents Network roundtables will meet to initiate new and improved worksite health programs that can serve as role models for improving employee health and driving down the costs of health care and insurance.



Roundtables are facilitated by The Presidents Network in tightly focused two-hour sessions Health experts and community "thought leaders" share the business benefits of a constantly improving Workplace Health Initiative in businesses of all sizes . Low-cost-high-impact ideas are presented to help senior executives influence their organizations to better health.

Our Mission

Why Become A Member?

Relentless commitment to creative and sustainable worksite health programs that drive down the cost of health care while improving the quality of life of American workers and their families

Schedule And News

Schedule and News

Schedule of upcoming Presidents Network Workplace Health Initiative Roundtables

For schedule of upcoming events, Contact Don Klassen at